The Seaview Restaurant
Saltburn by the Sea

The Seaview Restaurant aim is to offer the very best fish and chip dining experience to be enjoyed by all the family in the most wonderful setting in the country.

A Very Special Place

Saltburn’s long stretch of golden sands with dramatic cliffs and historic Victorian pier could offer no better location for our seafood restaurant. It is unquestionably a very special place.

The facilities on offer with luxury indoor and balcony seating are unmatched and what better to eat the best fish and chips with the smell and sound of the sea literary at your feet. No matter what we offer on our menu you can always guarantee they will be chosen and sourced for there ultimate quality.

The Finest Fish

It is always the intention to purchase only the finest quality fish from recognised and respected fish merchants that are sourced from sustainable and well mananged fishing grounds.


We took my sister-in-law to Seaview for the first time to Seaview. As we expcted another excellent meal with very pleasant staff. I know you don’t do desserts(who needs one after wonderful fish’n’chips!) but what about a small lemon sorbet just to cleanse the palate afterwards?!! We had an ice cream from next door which was just as good.


The last time we were in Saltburn was about 35/40 years ago, but it won’t be that long before we return.We had lunch today at The Seaview Restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed it. The quality of the food, the speed of service and the friendliness of ALL members of staff made it very enjoyable and we will certainly be returning